A great base layer. A solid foundation. It’s a key element to any successful structure. Tailored Design Co. feels we can take a great foundation that is affordable, hackable and readily available pairing it with amazing fit and finish to create cabinetry that attains high design without high price. A line of what we call adaptive Architectural cabinet fronts to accompany the IKEA Godmorgon cabinet line. Think plug and play design made in the USA tailored to design appreciative customers seeking to upgrade the base product.

Oh, this isn’t our first foray into design though. We launched a company called Inhabit in 2001 that we still run today which has garnered International attention for its graphic driven design style. In fact, the Tailored line is made under the same roof as Inhabit sharing facilities, innovative methods for on-demand manufacturing and fine-tuned equipment to turn-out products that push the boundaries of bespoke manufacturing and design.

So why Tailored Design? Why not just a new product for Inhabit? We feel this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is where we are starting, but by no means the whole story. We feel this is big enough that it deserves its own stage. We’re honored to stand on the shoulders of what Inhabit has accomplished but also feel Tailored has its own story to tell. A story about collaboration, affordability and high style coexisting to create something pretty amazing.